Friend, take twenty minutes and educate your self concerning Islam by carefully reading this pamphlet. You will learn what the five pillars of Islam are, and what the six main Muslim beliefs are. Christians and Muslims differ radically as to how they view religion and government. Both Islam and Christianity are missionary religions. Learn the contrasts between the Great Commission of Christ and the Great Commission of Mohammed.  Undoubtedly, the two most influential books in the world are the Holy Bible and the Glorious Koran. Learn the stark contrasts between the two. Some six million Muslims are living among us. Learn about the secular Muslim, the moderate Muslim, and the radical Muslim. Don’t go on in the dark. Enlighten your self by reading this pamphlet.

Is Islam indeed a peaceful religion? The media, the government, and academia all say it is. What does a study of Islamic history teach us? What do the activities of Muslim jihadists teach us? The author lived and worked in a Muslim country for seventeen years. As a result he has insights and knowledge that many do not share. Islam has a definite goal and strategy for subjecting the whole world to Islam and their Prophet Mohammed. They call it jihad. Our Lord’s command is to evangelize the world, yes, the Muslim world. The obstacles and problems are great. Muslims for the most part are good people trapped in a bad, wicked religion.  Many yearn for truth and freedom. This pamphlet offers Ten Commandments for reaching out to your Muslim friend or neighbor.

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