Path to Truth and Freedom – Mandarin Edition

Path to Truth and Freedom – Mandarin Edition

A Guide for Seekers of Truth

Now translated into Mandarin read about the truth leads to freedom and error leads to bondage. Important truths such as, Is the Bible the Word of God; the lie of evolution and the truth of the creator God; Is there really a God; the uniqueness of Jesus Christ; heaven and hell; why salvation is needed, how is it provided and how is it received; confessing Christ and believer’s baptism are laid out in simple language with ample Scripture verses. Vital truths concerning the church such as what is the church; when and where did it begin; marks of a true church, members and leaders responsibilities are spelled out. Lastly, what is God doing in the world anyway gives a bird’s eye view of God’s program. and the book ends with an earnest plea to choose truth and freedom instead of error and bondage.

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