New Carts or Old Paths

New Carts or Old Paths

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The Philistines used a new cart to send the Ark of the Covenant back to Israel. David, mimicked the Philistines idea, used a new cart to bring the Ark to Jerusalem. David’s failure to use God-ordained means to move the Ark to Jerusalem resulted in death and disaster.

This book, NEW CARTS OR OLD PATHS, is a “clarion call” to all Bible-believing preachers and churches to forsake the ‘new carts” and follow the “old paths.” What is happening within our churches? Is the modern-day signs and wonders movement truly from God? Have our Bible-believing ministries been adopting “new carts” that will ultimately bring confusion, death, and destruction to our churches and our beloved nation?

“New carts” discussed are the charismatic movement, contemporary rock music, the controversy over modern translations, hyper-Calvinism, and compromising lifestyles among God’s people. The author has more than forty years’ experience in local church ministry and the study of God’s Word. You may or may not agree with his assessment of evangelical Christianity today, but it would be well worth your time to read this thought-provoking book.

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