Ignited Hearts

Ignited Hearts

What others are saying about the book:

"Ignited Hearts is Jim Starr's autobiography of God's mandate and motivation to evangelize the 1040 Window through winning and equipping nationals. Read it and catch the vision." Dr. Tony Miller, Pastor

"Jim Starr is a visionary with vigilance. He is not just a dream but a doer. It has been my privilege to travel to India with Jim and see his love for the Indian people and his passion to reach the lost multitudes for Jesus Christ. His new book Ignited Hearts flows from his own heart that is set on fire for God. Read this fine work and catch the vision and mission to impact India and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Evangelist Tom Farrell

"Ignited Hearts is the fruit of Dr. Jim Starr's vision of reaching Southeast Asia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After many years of praying, seeking God's will, and gathering together an army of God's people, the vision is being realized. Ignited Hearts is one man's desire to stir God's people not only in India, but wherever the Gospel is preached, to give themselves and their resources afresh and anew to accomplish this monumental task of evangelizing, discipling, and training God's servants to reach India and unto the uttermost part of the earth. May this book set a flame in your hearts as you catch the vision that is commanded in God's Word." Pastor Jack Samargo

"Ignited Hearts, Unleashing the Power within Southeast Asia is a must read for every Indian Christian. Brother Jim rekindles the spirit of stupor on the part of relaxed Indian Christians...Jim Starr has caught the fire of the vision of God for India and the mission of reaching the unreached in India should be the burden of every Indian Christian." Dr. Sam Buraga, BBC & Seminary, India

"...All of our brothers who love the truth must have Ignited Hearts. There are many lessons in this book that we can and MUST apply in our ministries context. May God use it to raise more laborers to His harvest." Pastor Jefferson Quevedo Soares, Brazil

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