His Ways, Your Walk

His Ways, Your Walk

by Lou Ann Keiser
244 pages softcover

description from back cover:
What does the Bible really say about the Christian life?

His Ways, Your Walk will open the Word of God to you. It will help you make the connection between key Bible passages and your own Christian experience. Discover the Scriptures written especially for women!

His Ways, Your Walk is a Bible study manual for women of all ages. It lets you read for yourself what the Bible says and then make personal applications.

If you’ve ever asked questions like these, His Ways, Your Walk is for you:

- How can I know God’s will?
- Is it possible to live a holy life without being weird?
- Does God have a man for me?
- How can I be sure I’ll go to heaven when I die?
- Can a Christian party?
- What do I do with my strong-willed child?
- Does the Bible really tell me how to dress?
- Which Christian ministry is right for me?

Enjoy finding out how you can walk in God’s ways!

Lou Ann Keiser is a missionary pastor’s wife, mother of two married children, and grandmother. Over her almost thirty years in ministry, she has counseled many teen girls and women. Commonly asked questions and commonly faced issues motivated her to search the Bible for answers. His Ways, Your Walk shares those answers with you.

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